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A Dummy’s Guide to Buying Individual Texas Health Insurance

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individual texas health insuranceWhether we get it from our employer or the individual market, we all need to obtain and maintain a Texas health insurance plan.  If you can’t rely on your workplace to offer a quality health insurance plan, then it pays to shop around the individual Texas health insurance market to see what plans are available, and at what prices. Below are some tips on finding and buying a health plan on your own.

Choose your preferred type of plan – There are PPOs, HMOs, health savings accounts and more. All those acronyms can sound confusing, but they’re just descriptors identifying a particular type of plan. One good factor in determining which plan type is best for you is whether you have an existing doctor you wish to keep.  If yes, then a PPO plan will allow you to stick with that doctor. An HMO will dictate which doctors you can see.

How much do you want to pay each month? – Health plans can be very flexible in pricing. If you pay more each month, then your out-of-pocket costs for doctor visits and prescriptions will be lower. But if you’re generally healthy, then you might opt for higher out-of-pocket costs to save you money on your monthly premiums.

Who needs coverage? – Are you looking to obtain coverage for just yourself or your family too? An individual health insurance plan is a bit of a misnomer, as it can cover more than just one person. Of course, it costs more to cover a family than one person, but it’s worth it to ensure your spouse and kids are covered should health issues or an emergency occur.

For personalized support in choosing an individual health insurance plan, consider enlisting the services of a Texas health insurance broker.  A broker can walk you through various plans and options, and it’s all free to you, as a broker’s fee is paid by health insurance carriers, not individual consumers.

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