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Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas Eliminating PPO Health Plan Covering 367,000 Texans

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The health insurance carrier Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas recently announced it will be eliminating the PPO health plan next year. If you’re one of the 367,000 consumers in Texas who depend on this PPO, it is in your best interest to start making arrangements to secure a new health carrier and/or plan now.

How Do I Know If This Affects Me?

This change affects customers in the individual market: if your Blue Cross coverage is through your employer or if your PPO was grandfathered in 2010, this change will not affect you. Blue Cross Blue Shield reported that it “paid out $400 million more in claims than it collected in premiums for its Blue Choice PPO product in 2014” according to one San Antonio News Express Article. In the same article, it was said “these changes are said to interrupt customers’ coverage before the end of the year.” While Blue Cross Blue Shield expects to offer another product when open enrollment in 2016 begins, there is no guarantee that the new plan will have equal or sufficient coverage.

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What Can I Do?

If you or a loved one will be affected by this change in Blue Cross Blue Shield’s plan, there are plenty of options for health care providers and services that can help you build a custom individualized plan. While setting up a plan may seem like an overwhelming process. A great place to start is with a local full-service health insurance broker, such as Customhealthplans.com, who will help you navigate the marketplace, and assist you in finding the best plan at the best price.

Custom Health Plans is a full-service Texas health insurance broker providing affordable Texas health insurance solutions to individuals,families, small businesses and the self employed. With Custom Health Plans, you can browse your health insurance options and receive the best Texas health insurance quotes.

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