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Comparing an Individual Texas Health Insurance Plan to Your Employer’s Plan

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individual texas health insurancePeople typically obtain their Texas health insurance by one of two methods: participating in their employer’s health insurance program or purchasing an individual health plan on their own. Steep unemployment rates, recent legislation leading to fewer employer-sponsored plans and the desire for greater personalization and control over health care costs has led more and more people to choose individual Texas health insurance plans over group plans.

Employer-sponsored health insurance plans operate under group rates and maintain a one-size-fits-all dynamic.  This blanket coverage results in certain individuals paying for coverage they don’t need in order to subsidize those employees who require more extensive health care.  Since these extra costs are absorbed by all employees, group plans are unnecessarily expensive for certain workers.  Such workers may benefit from an individual health insurance plan, which can be tailored to fit one’s particular needs and budget.

Another benefit of an individual Texas health insurance plan is that it’s portable.  When an employee loses his job, changes his job or branches out on his own, his benefits will lapse, leaving him and his family defenseless against a major medical emergency.  An individual health insurance plan, however, stays in place regardless of a change in employment status, ensuring coverage during tumultuous times.

Since money is tight, the job market jobs remains uncertain and increases in health care costs continue to outpace wages, there’s no better time to consider an individual Texas health insurance plan for personalized, affordable and portable health coverage.

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