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short term health insuranceMany people find themselves in need of temporary or short term health insurance. Whether you are about to graduate, in-between jobs, recently unemployed, not yet eligible for a new employer’s coverage or coming to the end of your COBRA coverage, there are many reasons why short term Texas health insurance is the short term answer.

Short term health insurance is fairly inexpensive for healthy individuals, and you are still allowed the freedom to choose which doctor or hospital you prefer. Most short term health insurance plans offer a wide range of options, from very basic coverage to comprehensive coverage, usually with a moderately low deductible. These plans work like most individual Texas health insurance plans, covering doctor visits, hospital care, emergencies, surgery, lab work and more. And while they usually last from one to six months, most policies can be renewed for a total of 36 months.

There are many perks to obtaining short term health insurance. The application process is quick and easy, allowing most applicants to be covered within 24 hours. This quick turnaround also prevents the insured from having a gap in health insurance coverage, which is helpful when applying for future health insurance.

When life circumstances change, it is important to know what options are available when making decisions concerning your Texas health insurance. Short term health insurance might be the answer for you if you are:

Between jobs – If you’re between jobs, consider purchasing Short Term Medical. For about half the cost of COBRA, Short Term Medical offers next-day coverage to help you bridge the insurance gap.

Waiting for employer benefits – New employers often impose a waiting period before you’re eligible for health benefits. With Short Term Medical, you stay insured and can choose your own plan duration.

A temporary or seasonal employee – When your employment schedule is unpredictable, it’s difficult to maintain health coverage. Short Term Medical offers you prescription drug savings and flexible coverage options to suit your situation.

A new graduate – If you’ve just graduated, you’re probably no longer eligible for health insurance through a student plan or your parents’ plan. Short Term Medical is an affordable way to guard against unexpected medical bills until you secure permanent coverage.

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