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Is There Still A Place for Employer Offered Health Insurance Coverage?

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Charles Krauthammer stated, in his article “Health-Care Reform: A Better Plan” on WashingtonPost.com, that the idea behind employer-provided health insurance benefits no longer makes sense due to the mobility of our world today. He recommends that individuals establish their own health insurance, as we do with our home and car insurance. Choosing from several different  health insurance companies and plans, individuals and families can shop for the best Texas health insurance plan that meets the specific needs of that consumer. Allowing employees to establish their own Texas  health insurance plan, regardless of where one is employed, reduces the stress experienced when one changes or loses employment. Imagine the amount of money that could be saved if business owners did not have to also be in the business of health insurance? Imagine, instead of paying out money for expensive, one-size-fits-all employee benefits; employers were able to put that money into providing more, better paid jobs?

Krauthammer’s proposal gives the individual more control over their health care benefits and more choices between Texas health insurance companies and plans. He goes on to say, if the ability to purchase health insurance across state lines was available, the competition fostered among health insurance providers would drive costs down for everyone. Trusting the economic phenomenon of supply and demand to provide the checks and balances for health insurance costs seems to be a sensible option. Unfortunately, the government would rather take more control over what is offered and mandate what is available to individuals, than allow free enterprise to work. How a government-mandated health care system will keep costs down, no one knows.

Health care reform is definitely needed. With the exuberant costs from duplicate testing in medical practice and from extravagant malpractice payouts, and with the effects of an economic recession that has caused many to become both unemployed and uninsured; health care reform is essential. However, how our nation goes about reforming health care is just as important an issue to consider.

How would you propose health care be reformed?

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