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How The 2020 Election Results Could Impact Your Health Insurance

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Not only is the open enrollment window quickly closing, but those concerned about the future of their healthcare also have to take a heated election year into consideration. No matter what party you vote for, the end results of who wins will impact how health insurance operates.

Here’s a broad look at how the election results could impact your future health insurance plans, how each side approaches healthcare, and what you can do now with our Texas  Health insurance brokerage to ensure that your health is covered going into 2021!

How Does Each Side View Health Insurance?

Whether Democratic or Republican, both Presidential candidates have two vastly different approaches to the future of healthcare.

Currently, President Donald Trump’s goal is to repeal the Affordable Care Act that currently supports Obamacare. He has said that he has an improved healthcare plan in the works that would be a “far cheaper alternative” if the Supreme Court approves the repeal.

Former Vice President, Joe Biden, Trump’s Democratic opponent, wants to enhance and expand the reaches of the ACA. Biden’s goal with the ACA enhancements is to help middle-class families easily obtain healthcare with:

  • Lower cost of coverage
  • Lower deductibles
  • Lower out-of-pocket expenses

Of course, different views come with different consequences for voters depending on who wins the Presidency.

Access to Healthcare Can Change

However, depending on the outcome, as it stands, without an official plan in place that guarantees coverage, if the ACA is repealed, millions of people will either have increased coverage costs or lose coverage altogether.

Keep in mind that the President signed an executive order in August that was meant to help rural Americans get the healthcare access they need. However, until this order becomes official law, voters are still left in the shadows wondering where they stand on access to great and affordable healthcare plans.

The Federal Tax Penalty Could Return

If Biden becomes President, he has sworn to bring back the Federal Tax Penalty that originated from the ACA for people who purchased off-market plans or had no health insurance at all. These funds would go to cover the costs of making health insurance more affordable, however, the penalty has been a heated debate amongst citizens since the ACA took root in our economy.

What Are Your Options During Open Enrollment?

While both Presidential candidates come with potential shadows to be cast over the future of healthcare, there is still time to save money and purchase health insurance away from the marketplace.

If you want guaranteed coverage before 2021 rings in, now is the window to keep your family insured. Custom Health Plans, Inc. specializes in helping people find health insurance that works for their needs. We have numerous choices to offer Texans an alternative to the Market place (Obama Care) with plans that are available as soon as the next day from applying and available 12 months out of the year, not just during Open Enrollment Nov 1st thru Dec 15th  to secure efficient health insurance and healthcare coverage.

Our plans can help your family save money without sacrificing the quality of healthcare you deserve.

Some of the coverage options we offer include the following:

Create a Health Plan That Fits Your Needs with Custom Health Plans, Inc.

At Custom Health Plans, Inc. we are Specialists and Texas Health Insurance brokers who know that despite an election outcome, you and your family’s health is our priority. If you are eager to make a great insurance move during the open enrollment window before any major changes take effect, we are eager to help. Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive health plans and how to start the application process.

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