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How to Get Affordable Special Enrollment Period Insurance in Texas

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Navigating the health insurance market can be an overwhelming task. It becomes even more unnerving when you find yourself with an immediate need for coverage, and you begin hearing terms like open enrollment, eligibility, and Special Enrollment Periods (SEP), that is, of course, once you get past the rumors of astronomical costs! We are here to tell you that getting adequate and affordable health insurance in Texas any time of the year regardless of open enrollment is, in fact, possible and with the newly mandated 2021 special enrollment period of February 15th – May 15th healthcare has been made even more accessible than ever.

If you find yourself in the market for medical insurance, here are several options for you to consider.

ObamaCare Special Enrollment Period

President Joe Biden has directed the federally managed insurance marketplace that administers the ObamaCare medical plans to re-open enrollment for a designated period of time. This presents a unique opportunity for Americans seeking coverage to take advantage of the plans offered in the program. There are some Important factors to consider if you are planning on obtaining coverage during this period.

A Qualifying Event Outside of the Mandated SEP

Life events happen for better or worse, and specific changes can create opportunities to re-evaluate your healthcare plan or obtain coverage if you need it. When this occurs, you are provided with a SEP, allotting you a specific time range to choose your healthcare plan. Although the time range may vary, in some cases, the SEP will begin up to 60 days before your qualifying event and last up to 60 days after.

Short-Term Health Insurance

If you are fairly-healthy and missed the ACA Open Enrollment, you may want to consider purchasing a short-term health plan. While these plans were initially designed to provide up to 3 months of coverage, there are now options for 12 months and beyond, making them a good choice for long term coverage as well despite their name. There are some critical things to consider when selecting short-term health insurance in Texas.

Overall, these plans are an excellent solution for coverage for unexpected health emergencies or if you are in a transitional period of your life or looking to get coverage for the waiting period until you become Medicare eligible.

Medicaid & CHIP

With costs and coverage options differing from state to state, a viable option available all year round for qualifying individuals is Medicaid. As a provider of health insure to millions of Americans, it is administered on a state level but structured in accordance with Federal Requirements. In addition, CHIP was created to cover children of families who do not meet Medicaid requirements.

Ready to shop and need help finding the best individual health insurance in Texas?

Whether you are looking for guidance on the SEP, a qualifying event, or short term health insurance, let Custom Health Plans help you find a happy medium between coverage and value so that you can rest assured knowing that you and your family are insured for the unexpected times when you will need it most. Our licensed team will guide you through all the options available to you and most importantly, at no cost to you.

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