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How to Get the Best Temporary Health Insurance

best temporary health insurance
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Finding the best temporary health insurance is not as hard as it looks.

Remember: short-term health insurance plans do not meet the Affordable Care Act’s requirements. ACA or “Obamacare” requires specific coverage and benefits. So you’ll want to find the right short term health insurance for you.

When purchasing your own short-term insurance, you won’t receive reductions or subsidies. This could cause you to owe the tax penalty on your short-term health insurance. However, some providers may qualify for exemptions those same tax penalties.

You can find short-term health insurance plans for “cheap”, too. You can find short-term health insurance under the ACA but with less coverage. These limitations are often in apart of short-term health insurance plans.

Learn more about your offers, limitations, and exclusions among short term health insurance!

Length Of Policies

The average short term insurance lasts between one month to one year. The length of the policy depends on where you live. You will not find short-term medical health insurance in every state. Learn about short term medical insurance duration limits by state.

These limitations mean you will stop receiving benefits once it expires. Renewals or buying a new insurance plan will also depend on your state laws. In some cases, after a 3-month plan, you’ll need to reapply to continue benefits.

A short-term health insurance’s deductible can also reset, ignoring the satisfaction of conditions. Many insurance companies and state laws have limits on how often you can renew. Review your plan details and policy terms and learn about your options.

Finding The Right Type Of Coverage

You could be looking for help after an unexpected illness or injury. Or you could be looking for the best temporary health insurance for preventive care. That includes pre-existing conditions or prescription drugs. Find the best short-term insurance for your individual needs.

ACA short-term health insurance does not include health benefits or no-cost preventative services. But if you need the best benefits, there are hospital plans or short-term bundles. These give you access to benefits for inexpensive and/or catastrophic claims.

Affording The Best Premium & Deductible

Here’s a rule of thumb for health insurance plans: higher premium means lower deductible and vice versa. Your level of benefits determines the premium and deductible you pay. For any additional benefits may require a higher monthly premium plan to cover them.

Luckily, short-term medical insurance usually comes with different deductible options. Selecting a plan with the lowest deductible isn’t always the best move. You’ll need to pay more on a monthly premium with the less you pay.

You can compare short-term health insurance options and rates.

Remember that temporary health insurance does not qualify for Obamacare subsidies. Check if you qualify for premium tax credits or cost-sharing reductions. If so, you must also enroll in a health plan qualified by ACA during an annual open enrollment period. You’ll also need a policy through the federal marketplace or your state exchange.

Also, remember that insurance policies through the private marketplace won’t be eligible for subsidies.

Flexibility With Your Healthcare Providers

Short term coverage is great if you have a preference in doctors, hospitals or healthcare providers. You can keep things the same through short-term insurance without network restrictions. Most temporary health insurance doesn’t include network restrictions.

But you could save money by being flexible. Try finding a short-term health insurance plan that’s partnered with a national network. Most times they offer discounted care if you use participating providers.

Finding Coverage Quickly

If you find yourself temporarily uninsured, don’t panic. The best temporary health insurance is available year-round with zero waiting periods. You can receive quotes quickly compare options, and find coverage that works for you.

Applying and enrolling in short-term health insurance is fairly quick and simple. Consider an Obamacare plan if you qualify for special enrollments. You can start coverage the very next day once you qualify.

Health Plans To Avoid

You should avoid a few short-term insurance plans by any means necessary. Some are not actually designed for your benefit and can land you in trouble.

The Fixed Indemnity Plan has zero deductible and pays a fixed amount per service. If something drastic were to happen to you, this only covers specific services. And this fixed amount may cover a hospital stay but not much more than that.

The Mini-Med Plan offers limited protection for cheap. But the deductibles are sky-high and can cost you thousands. For retail and hospitality industries recommend plans like these but avoid them. These plans fail to provide the proper coverage.

Before Finding The Best Temporary Health Insurance

Bottom line? Short-term health insurance plans aren’t for everyone. Some people prefer more traditional health insurance. But if you’re looking for the best temporary health insurance, it’s out there!

Again, if you need to treat an extensive or ongoing illness, you may want a long-term health plan. But short-term medical insurance plans can still give you bang for your buck and help reduce your financial risk.

You can start a 90-day plan in most states that are also renewable. These can be automatically renewed up to 4 times without any additional medical screening. But beware of any restrictions and exclusions on these short-term plans.

Here are some things to remember about finding the best temporary health insurance:

  1. Find A Good Provider: Have a reputable provider within a strong network of doctors and hospitals. There are network discounts to make things more affordable. Have an established insurer for better negotiable rates.
  2. Be Flexible: Look for plans that offer options on deductibles and coverage length. It could be a good idea to choose a health plan that can be dropped without penalties.
  3. Create A Custom Plan: Select a plan that offers the best deductible and coverage for your needs. Also, choose plans that give you the most freedom and flexibility.
  4. Beware of Cancellation Penalties: Choose a plan that you can cancel without any penalties.
  5. Find coverage with your preferred doctors: If you prefer a doctor, check if they accept your short-term insurance plan first.

You can find the best temporary health insurance without the hassle. Keep these tips in mind and get the best coverage for your individual needs. For more on custom health plans, check out our site!

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