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In the New World of Coronavirus (COVID-19) Have you checked your Individual & Family Health Insurance plan and benefits lately?

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Do you know if you have the best Texas Health insurance plan to cover against Corona virus (COVID-19)?

With the Corona virus pandemic ravaging many sectors in the world, it’s pertinent to know exactly where you’re at with your individual and family insurance plan. At first, you might feel your insurance plans covers you where the novel COVID-19 is concerned, but a little Health Insurance check might reveal some surprises.

If you have a Texas health insurance plan, you need to be certain if it has enough cover against Corona virus. Despite pronouncements by President Trump pledging that health insurers had agreed to remove all co-payments for Corona virus treatments and extend insurance coverage for its treatment, many health insurers have still not committed to the treatment aspect.

Even though there are no known treatment procedures, health insurance providers have not expanded their coverage for anyone. Therefore, before continuing with a Texas health insurance company, it’s important to start putting this factor into the equation.

Of course, the people with the highest risk of not being able to afford a Corona virus test are the millions of uninsured and underinsured Americans. Even worse, Americans in this category work low-wage jobs which usually involves exposure to the public. Should Americans within this group choose an individual or family health insurance, it should not only be affordable but also include coverage for Corona virus diagnosis and treatment.

Right now, there’s no way to measure how many people are getting tested countrywide which means there’s little information on how many people have no health insurance coverage to start with.

So, the thing is this, though most insurance companies have issued public guarantees that costs of individual and family health insurance will be covered, Americans still must be proactive to ensure their insurance plans cover Corona virus-related complications.

When looking for the best Texas Health insurance plan to cover against Corona virus (COVID19), look for the different plans available. Short-term health plans might be a better option for you than long-term health insurance plans. Short term Health insurance in Texas can be anywhere from 30 day’s to up 3 years to lock in rates and benefits.

Large government public insurance programs like Medicaid and Medicare are already covering testing as it stands. The question now is whether your best Texas Health insurance plan covers against Corona virus (COVID19)?

If it does, checking out the attendant benefits is the next logical step so you can have insurance coverage all the time in case of infection.

Are Life Insurance Holders to Be Concerned?

Another aspect of health insurance to be considered during this Corona virus pandemic is life insurance coverage. Will there be insurance cover for someone who contracts the virus and dies from it?

Typically, for Texas health insurance, when a person passes away, the nominee of that policy will get the amount assure as the death benefit. In the case of Corona virus infection and death, the same policy should also apply. This means that should an insured person die from Corona virus-caused complications, the death benefit from the insurance coverage is to be paid to the nominee or the beneficiary nominee after a valid life insurance claim is filed.

This death benefit is the agreed amount of money (sum funds insured) payable by the insurer on the incident of death of the insured person to the nominee or the beneficiary.

At the time of purchasing the policy, the policyholder writes out the name/s of those nominee/s who are to receive the death benefit just in case he/she, the insured person dies. Nominees and beneficiaries can check the total amount assured in the policy document. If a policyholder reveals all their information at the time of purchasing a health insurance, they benefit claim will apply for treating COVID-19 and would even be payable if death happens from the COVID-19 infection.

How much cover will your insurance policy have for COVID-19?

It’s important to know that insurers determine the premiums of a policy based on your health and medical history. A global incident like the Corona virus will impact your policy acceptance and premiums especially if you’re just applying for it.

If you currently have a policy or considering getting one, it’s necessary to check whether its benefits have provisions that cover Corona virus complications. If it doesn’t, it might be necessary to get a new policy that has such provisions going-forward. The best advise would be to seek out a local Health Insurance broker in Texas , who can help you navigate the Landscape and identify the best plans and options that fits your budget and prevents any coverage gaps that can come back and bite you later.

In conclusion, whether you have an individual, family or have an employer based plan , it is wise to seek the counsel of a professional licensed local Texas health insurance broker , who can guide you and answer all your questions and address your concerns. Brokers are paid by the Insurance carriers, so there is absolutely no cost to use their services.


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