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Obamacare and Short Term Health Insurance

Obamacare and Short Term Health Insurance
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Just because you missed the deadline for Obamacare doesn’t mean you can’t have Texas short-term health insurance. Custom Health Plans, Inc. can help you get covered immediately at a lower cost, so unpredictable medical expenses don’t derail your life. GET FREE QUOTES

We understand that keeping track of Obamacare and temporary health insurance in Texas is overwhelming. The Internet is full of sources concerning this, but they’re rarely helpful. Opposing opinions make it so you don’t know what to believe! Let’s make it simpler.

What is it?

Texas short term health insurance provides a flexible timetable and up to $1.5 million of coverage, so you don’t have to worry about transitioning between plans. It’s especially beneficial for those who are experiencing major life events such as:

  • Career changes
  • Finishing school
  • Leaving your parents’ plan
  • Between jobs
  • Lacking employee benefits
  • Retired and waiting for Medicare
  • Need something more affordable

Is it right for me?

Rather than try to determine if this type of insurance is right for yourself, trust an insurance advisor. Custom Health Plans, Inc.has specialists who can analyze your situation and give you some solid answers about short term medical insurance in Texas. Forget trying to solve the puzzle; simply let an advisor help you out! When you choose the policy that suits your needs, you can get the most benefit without breaking the bank.

How much does it cost?

Speaking of money, let’s take a look at the cost of a short-term policy. As we said, this is a flexible plan because you can have it for anywhere from 1 to 11 months. It’s also more budget-friendly than the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare.) You could spend up to 2/3 less and bypass strict and pesky deadlines. Remember that a higher deductible means a lower premium, and vice versa.

How will it help me?

Want to know how a less expensive and less rigid policy can work for you? These are just three of the advantages of temporary health insurance in Texas:

  1. Short term plans don’t burn you with the same minimums as the Affordable Care Act, so you can get the amount of coverage that you need. Plus, you don’t have to pay as much as you would with the Affordable Care Act.
  2. There is greater flexibility with this protection, making it more user-friendly. You have the liberty to choose which type of coverage you pay for.
  3. This is an ideal temporary solution that also benefits you in the long run. It works to help bridge those gaps between transitioning to another insurance plan.

Finally, this type of protection is available without consumers having to delve into the messy world of the healthcare market, which is a dizzying experience. A temporary policy is the flexible, affordable, and easier way to get covered without all the hoops to jump through. The best part of all is that it allows you to take your time in choosing a long-term plan or waiting it out until the next Obamacare eligibility period kicks in.

To best protect yourself, contact a knowledgeable advisor who can guide you throughout the process. Contact us today to learn more, get answers to Frequently Asked Questions, or get a quote at 877-749-2241 or CustomHealthPlans.com.

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