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Obamacare Got Your Wallet? Texas Short Term Health Insurance To The Rescue!


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Many consumers this year are feeling the pinch on their wallets of Obamacare plans and premiums skyrocketing:

recent study from Kaiser shows, however, that a good number of consumers are choosing to instead purchase short term health plans, and even with a tax penalty, you are still farther ahead in regards to coverage and the ability to keep your current doctors in the PPO network!

A Texas short term health insurance plan might be the right choice this year to keep your family covered.

You Can Keep Your Providers and Doctors on a Short Term Health Insurance PPO in Texas!

Among other possible benefits, a Short Term Health plan allows you to keep your Dr’s and Providers and continue to have a large PPO network – in fact, as an example, a UHC Short Term Plan has the largest PPO network in the country!

Here is a quick list about why a Short Term Health Insurance plan might be the best decision for insurance for 2016:

Short Term Health Insurance Infographic

To sum up:

  • 1/2 the cost of Obama Care and in many cases less than that!
  • You get to Keep the Big Rich PPO Network which is accepted nationwide and covers you for out-of-network coverage and NO GATEKEEPER. You can go to any Doctor or Specialist without a Pass from your Primary Care Dr.
  • You can lock in your rates for up to 12 months at a time.
  • You only pay for what you want and need.  No subsidizing the rest of the system!
  • Additional 25% off if you elect to pay using the Single Pay option!


Explore Your Short Term Options NOW!

Only Pay For What You Want And Need

Short Term Health Insurance in Texas allows you to pay for exactly the coverage that you need and want without having to subsidize the rest of the country – which is the entire point of health Insurance.  True, the plans are not ACA-compliant, so you would be subject to a tax penalty, but often more times than not you are still way ahead of the game even when you factor in the penalty.

To explore your options, call us TODAY at 877-749-2241 or get a free quote NOW!

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