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Health Insurance Reform Bill: Really?! With Trey & Brandi SNL Spoof

Health Insurance Reform Bill Really ! With Trey & Brandi SNL Spoof-min

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Custom Health Plans has decided to share our thoughts about the current issues concerning the health reform bill and how it will affect Texas health insurance plans and benefits. This is our spoof on Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update skit called “Really?! With Seth and Amy”. We call our spoof: “Really?! With Trey & Brandi”. Check it out on YouTube:

Spoof on SNL’s Really?! Skit: Health Care Reform Bill

This is the transcript of the video:

Tuesday night, President Obama addressed the nation concerning the current health reform bill and the current war strategies. This brings us to the news segment we like to call…

Really with Trey and Brandi?!

Trey: Really, Congress, really?! I mean first of all, who is going to read a bill that requires a fork lift to pick it up…I mean really?

Brandi: Really! And Republicans, I realize you think Obama is the anti-Christ and this bill will set up a one world order, but do you have an alternative plan? No…No you don’t …so really? What are we suppose to do here? Stand back and just watch a broken system continue to cost the government and taxpayers money while a majority of Americans loose jobs and healthcare benefits…I mean, Really?! I mean, I know you have health care that works for you and you are speaking for people you really can’t relate to and all, but I mean, Really?! Even a haiku explaining a better health care alternative would be helpful, at this point…Really!

Trey: And Democrats, really? What voodoo do you expect to employ to get us to believe this bill will provide health care to all Americans without spending a dime?! I mean really?! I mean I realize that the national deficit is so incredibly large now that…hey, what is another 800 billion dollars? But really…but don’t lie to us. I mean, really!

Brandi: Really! And why can’t the bill just be written in simple language and published on Facebook? I mean, really? How are we supposed to know if Palin’s accusations of Obama, being the next Hilter and exterminating the weak and infirm through the establishment of death panels, is true or not? Are we really supposed to think for ourselves?! I mean, really?

Trey: And why does it keep being announced that the health reform is near, really?! Near? So even though these changes will probably not be implemented until 2013, we are supposed to believe changes in the health care system are near?! I mean, really?! What is near is the fact that my government subsidy for my COBRA healthcare is about to end and I am going to still be unemployed…that’s what’s near…I mean really?! What is near is that I am going to soon have to choose between my mortgage and my health care benefits…that is what is near…I mean, really!?!

Brandi: Really! WOW!

Trey: Really!

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