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Texas Health Insurance Options For 2020: A Brief Guide

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Open enrollment is fast approaching, with many Texans looking to explore their options for health insurance coverage. Thankfully, there are comprehensive plans available that are widely accepted by doctors that are also very affordable.

Open Enrollment runs from November 1st through December 15th for the 2020 season. Thankfully, not only do you have affordable health insurance options in Texas, you are not constrained by these dates if you end up falling through the cracks during the OEP (open enrollment period).

Let’s take a look at your options:

Short Term Health Insurance in Texas

Year-round coverage on a nationwide PPO, far less expensive than Obamacare

A short term health insurance plan can provide coverage for up to 360 days, with some plans offering an option to secure coverage for 2 years at a time. A short term plan will not provide the type of coverage an ACA plan will for general wellness, but in general will be far less expensive, more widely accepted, and far more affordable for doctor visits and prescription drug copays.

Short term plans are also almost always on nationwide PPO plans. These plans provide far better coverage areas and are more widely accepted by doctors and hospitals.

Check out our in-depth information on Texas short term health insurance here.

Alternative Plans from United Healthcare and National General

All the benefits of a short term plan – NON-OBAMACARE!

Both United Healthcare and National General Accident & Health (Aetna) offer PPO plans for up to 12 months – widely accepted by hospitals and doctors. A 12 month plan is also on average up to 50% less expensive than an Obamacare plan, especially if you pay for the whole term up front.

Both carriers offer a full 12 month term on their plans, but also offer up to a 3 year plan – this would let you lock in your rates for 36 months!

But more importantly, you’ll have coverage when you need it, and can be approved as soon as the next business day.

Open Enrollment can be confusing, between the choices of ACA and non-ACA, and all the different plans in between. Custom Health Plans have Texas Health Insurance Brokers standing by to help you navigate and choose the best plan to keep you and your family covered. Call Us today or request a quote to explore your health insurance options.

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