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Top Reasons Why You Need Affordable Texas Health Insurance

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The window for open enrollment continues to quickly close on those who seek affordable health insurance in Texas. Although the 15th is in our headlights, there is still time for you to apply for an off-marketplace healthcare plan that meets your needs.

Don’t let enrollment pass, only to hope you can receive short-term texas health insurance when an emergency arises. Take the remaining enrollment time to find a plan that covers you into an unpredictable new year.

Staying Uninsured Impacts Everyone

Some younger people think that just because they are in excellent health, they don’t need to worry about health insurance. The sad fact is, that when you remain uninsured, you run the risk of increasing costs for everyone who benefits from the Texas healthcare system.

Many people who don’t have insurance end up in the emergency room when their health takes a drastic turn for the worse. Often, this involves expensive procedures and high medical bills that go unpaid.

When this happens, hospitals have to cover the difference and general costs increase for healthcare services as a whole.

Unexpected Medical Bills can Be Costly

Let’s use an example to illustrate this point. Let’s say that you opted out of a Texas individual health insurance plan for 2021. You go most of the year with no complications, and then, unfortunately, a heart attack strikes.

In order to salvage your health you undergo a bypass surgery knowing that you’ll pay out-of-pocket on the expenses. The median hospital bill for this type of procedure can start at $85,000 and increase from there. Monthly payment plans for these out-of-pocket expenses could equate to more than another mortgage payment each month.

Our point is, unexpected medical bills will cost you more every month than the average insurance premium on a health plan with total coverage. Prepare to save some money in 2021 by taking advantage of open enrollment in Texas this year, ensuring that you and your family are completely covered in the case of an emergency.

Vaccines Aren’t Always Guaranteed

Let’s not forget that we are still in the midst of a raging global pandemic. As vaccines are quickly rolling out, now is the time when your coverage matters. We still don’t know the distribution process of the coronavirus vaccine, or the potential short-term and long-term impacts of treatment.

Ensuring that you are covered can not only help you potentially gain easy, affordable access to a vaccine, but it can also be an excellent backup plan if your body experiences adverse reactions.

Health Insurance Helps You Preserve Your Health

One of the best benefits of affordable health insurance is that it’s your ticket to preserving your future health. With individual and family health plans, the doors to preventative care services are open wide to you and your loved ones. From cholesterol screenings to general physical exams, your small monthly premium and office co-pays can actually help you save more money in the long-term by pointing out potential health issues before they become life-threatening problems.

Work with an Experienced Texas Health Insurance Broker Through Custom Health Plans, Inc.

At Custom Health Plans, Inc. we are a team of Dallas health insurance brokers that can help you and your family gain the coverage you deserve. We will take the time to discuss your health care needs, estimated monthly budget for premiums, and help you locate an affordable health insurance plan that isn’t governed by the ACA marketplace.

Don’t miss open enrollment and ensure you and your loved ones are protected in the new year. Contact us today to start the application process.

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