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Buy the Best Individual Health Insurance Plans In Austin Texas

Looking for Individual Health Insurance Plans in Austin Texas? Individual health insurance and family plans can be an affordable option in Texas. Let our Dallas Texas health insurance brokers review your personal needs and help you find a 12-month PPO plan at rates that fit your budget.

We believe that your health care should not have to be a choice between no care and fund availability. Trust us to show you that low cost Texas health insurance is a viable option to protect you and your family against the unexpected.

Are you thinking about buying individual health insurance? Great choice! Individual health plans are often much more affordable than group insurance plans, which makes this option ideal for small businesses in addition to individuals. But, first…what is individual health insurance?

This type of coverage can be purchased for a sole person, or a that person’s dependents. A health insurance agent or broker is integral during the selection and purchasing process. Here at Custom Health Plans, we are solely focused on your healthcare needs — and yours alone. Thanks to our vast experience in the healthcare industry, we’re prepared to help you attain the lowest rates possible. We can help you find the best individual health insurance in Texas!

Individual Health Insurance Texas In Austin Texas

Individual health insurance is simply healthcare insurance coverage that you purchase for yourself or your family (as opposed to health insurance provided by an employer). Whether you are self-employed, between jobs or work for a company that does not offer a plan that meets you or your family’s needs, individual health insurance plans enable you to make sure you and your loved ones are covered for those unforeseen medical expenses.

There are a variety of plans available that will help you meet your specific financial and benefit level requirements. Contact us today to get expert advice about which individual health insurance option is best for you or your family members, or compare low cost Individual health insurance quotes online using our insurance quote engine.

Best Individual Health Insurance Plans in Austin Texas

Did you know? For the majority of smaller groups, individual health insurance is more affordable than obtaining a group plan! This is typical because individual insurance spreads the risk over a larger group, which means that this plan is more cost-effective. If you’re a small business owner, too, individual health insurance is a great option. Many small businesses are opting for this type of coverage, because of its simplicity and affordability.

There are plenty of great individual health insurance plans in Texas. Our staff has fully competent and knowledgeable agents that can provide incredible insight into what is truly best for you. It’s our mission to offer fully customized quotes and plans for each of our clients.

What Should You Consider When Choosing a Health Plan?

Whether buying individual health insurance or a family plan, there are a number of important factors you should consider. Ask yourself the following questions to help you decide what type of plan makes sense based on your finances and needs:

  1. Health Care Needs: The first consideration when selecting a health plan is what you and your family’s specific needs are. How often do you go to the doctor? Will your needs change in the next year, such as starting a family? Are you receiving on-going treatment? Do individual family members have specific needs not covered under a general family plan?
  2. Hospitals and Doctors: The second consideration is the network of doctors and hospitals in the plan. If you like your doctor, is he or she in the plan? Are the doctors and facilities conveniently located near you? Do you have freedom to see whomever you want?
  3. Costs: The third consideration is the cost of your plan, and what benefits package makes sense based on your finances. Under the Affordable Care Act, many health insurance plans for individuals now have bronze, silver, gold and platinum benefit levels that indicate the level of coverage (and associated costs) the policyholder will have. When considering the options, be sure to see what each plan does or does not cover and what would be your out-of-pocket costs. Before making a decision, consider the various plans’ monthly premiums, deductibles, copays and other expenses. Are you eligible for a federal subsidy or tax credit to help pay for the health insurance? If individual health insurance plans for each family member is too costly, you may want to shop for family health insurance plans. That said, there are a variety of affordable individual or family health insurance plans available.


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