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Custom Health Plans is a premium health insurance broker serving the vibrant communities of Plano, Austin, San Antonio, Houston, and the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Our experienced team brings over three decades of experience in the health insurance industry. We’re committed to helping individuals and families discover affordable health insurance plans tailored to their needs with a comprehensive range of options, including individual, family, and short-term health insurance options. We strive to provide personalized services that ensure our clients find the best coverage at competitive prices. Contact us today to schedule your free quote and gain peace of mind with reliable health insurance.

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We take pride in offering a wide range of comprehensive health insurance options designed to meet the diverse needs of individuals and families. Whether you’re seeking coverage for preventive care, prescription medications, unique visits, or hospital stays, we have plans tailored to suit your requirements. To help provide these plans, we’ve partnered with leading insurance providers, such as Aetna, United Health One, BlueCross BlueShield of Texas, Humana, and Cigna. Our goal is to ensure you have access to the healthcare services you need. With our flexible options and personalized approach, you can confidently choose the health insurance plan most beneficial for your needs and budget.

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Take a look at the plans our health insurance brokers offer, including:

Individual Health Insurance

Discover tailored coverage for individual health needs and budgets. Our plans span hospitalization, outpatient procedures, prescription medications, and preventive care services, ensuring comprehensive protection for your well-being.

Family Health Insurance

Safeguard your loved ones with our comprehensive family health insurance plans. Covering primary and specialist visits, preventive health services, emergency care, prescription medications, and mental health services for complete family wellness.

Small Business Health Insurance

Elevate your business with our affordable group health insurance plans. Customizable to your needs, our comprehensive coverage offers preventative care, hospitalization, prescription drugs, and wellness programs for your employees.

Self-Employed Health Insurance

Embrace flexibility with our self’-employed health insurance plans. Tailor coverage to your health and budget, with optional add-ons for dental, vision, and specialized services. Ideal for freelancers, contractors, and business owners.

Short-Term Health Insurance

Sometimes life finds people in-between jobs or health care plans. In these instances Short term health insurance in Texas is an affordable solution to fill those gaps in coverage . Customize a plan as short as 30 days to up to 3 years.

Dental Services

Prioritize overall wellness with our dental insurance plans. Covering preventive dental care, basic and major restorative care, and orthodontic services, our plans ensure your oral health needs are met for a healthier, happier smile.

Affordable Texas Health Insurance Plans from Top-Rated Carriers Some of the insurance providers we have established relationships with include: carrier-logo

Experience the Custom Health Plans Difference

At Custom Health Plans, we pride ourselves on our distinctive approach to health insurance. Our expertise extends beyond simply providing insurance plans. We take the time to understand your specific health needs, financial situation, and lifestyle requirements. By doing so, we ensure your coverage is affordable, comprehensive, and supports your overall well-being. Our commitment to transparency, integrity, and exceptional customer service further establishes us as one of the best health insurance providers in Texas. 

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Don’t wait any longer to secure your health and peace of mind. We understand finding affordable health insurance that maintains the coverage you need can be frustrating. Take the first step towards tailored, affordable health coverage today with Custom Health Plans. Our dedicated team of experts is fully equipped and ready to assist you in navigating through multiple complex insurance options. We understand everyone has unique needs, so we are committed to finding the best plan for you. Experience the difference between personalized service and expertise with Custom Health Plans, your trusted and reliable Texas health insurance broker. With our team, you can rest assured that your health and well-being are in good hands. Reach out to get your free quote today.

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  • Mark was very helpful and informative assisting in finding a private health insurance plan. Highly recommend! He discusses all options in easy to understand terms and the interactive tools really help in making a decision. Thanks Mark!!!
    read more
    Suzanne Burak
  • Mark is a great guy. He always presents multiple options and goes over the plan choices with me. Very easy and straight forward. And he also stays up with clients and calls them before their yearly renewal to handle next years insurance. I have used him for years and have never had a single issue. Definitely worth talking to him if you are in need of insurance.
    read more
    Michael Hopkins
  • Rick was wonderful. He walked us through the process, answered our questions and gave us advice. Very professional and informative.
    read more
    Brooke Anderson
  • Richard was super friendly and helpful. I left a message in the evening and didn't expect a call back till the next day but an hour later he called. He took the time to discuss my options and answer all the questions I had.
    read more
    Amy Taylor
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    Junior Bonolo
  • Mark is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. We have just renewed with him, and trust him completely with our insurance needs.
    read more
    Kristine Byars
  • Rick Monello was extremely responsive, professional and knowledgeable. He addressed all of my questions and provided a Medicare referral for future reference. Highly recommend.
    read more
    Kelly Snell
  • I just renewed my insurance through Mark for the third straight year. Mark has been there every step of the way for me and my family. He has unfailingly guided us through these turbulent times with the best advice and best price on family plans. We are truly grateful to have him on our side!
    read more
    Cloud Tidwell
  • I have been working with Ric ******* for almost 15 years now, and he is incredibly knowledegable and adept at finding the best health insurance. I highly recommend him. He is quite amazing at what he does, and I have sent many family members and friends to him to find high quality, dependable health care insurance. He seems to know the insurance business inside and out, and I completely trust his guidance. He's definitely the best!!
    read more
    Anne P
  • I have always doubted all these brokers until I met with STEVEN DOUGLAS that young Man changed my whole life in such a manner I never knew i existed. Million thanks to MR STEVEN DOUGLAS and his broker for trading for me. All I did was to invest $1500 and after 7days he made $19,650 profit for me. I have no idea how he did it But am so grateful Sir. You want to be happy and bill free like me, do well reach him directly on WhatsApp he is always ready to help you trade. Email:martinfxtrading6@gmail.comWhatsApp Number:+1 (321) 758-1364.HAPPY NEW YEAR FRIENDS.
    read more
    Marysylvia Azukwu
  • So happy to report that Ric has helped us to once again get the best Medical Insurance available!! He has been tirelessly managing our Medical Insurance needs for about 12 years now. Not only has he helped me and my family, but so many others! I have recommended him to lots of family and friends and they have done the same. He has become the 'go to' guy for finding great deals and the best plans. We wouldn't know what to do without him. He quickly answers questions, is extremely knowledgeable and seems to never sleep or take time off... because he is always available to help out! Thank you so very much, Ric, for helping us maneuver through the challenging health care process and making sure we are well covered. I HIGHLY recommend Ric and Custom Health Plans.
    read more
    Anne P
  • Mark is an expert in his field and very easy to work with. Excellent customer service. I HIGHLY recommend Custom Health Plans!
    read more
    Sharon Bolan
  • Mark Sovaca was very helpful finding me a private healthcare plan. He is very responsive to all questions and got back to me very promptly
    read more
    Kay Finn
  • My agent at Custom Health Plan Mark Savoca was such a pleasure to work with. He is very knowledgeable and made it easy to find the right private health plan for me. I would highly recommend Mark to anyone that looking for the right health plan.
    read more
    Jennifer Montgomery
  • I called in for help in understanding coverages and options. Health insurance has never been easy to navigate. I received excellent service from Mr. Savoca. Highly recommend!
    read more
    Kristi Matlock
  • Mark was fantastic! It was my first time getting coverage in this way due to a move out of state and he explained everything, was patient, answered my many questions and helped me tremendously. He explained several options and helped me feel confident in my plan choice. I recommend him highly!
    read more
    Sarah Hummel
  • Mark has gone up and beyond ensuring I get good Medical Insurance coverage.Custom Health Plans cares about their customers.I am greatly appreciative of their services.
    read more
    Craig Arden
  • We moved from out of state so I did a google search to find Mark based on his amazing customer reviews.He took his time to explain all the best options for our family. He got us all set up with our healthcare. He always answers our calls if we have questions about anything. We just renewed our policies and he made it really easy and convenient.
    read more
    Tina Shiachi
  • Mark has assisted me the last few years in finding insurance. He takes the time to explain the various policies and differences. The service he provides is exemplary compared to my experience with other insurance brokers. I highly recommend!
    read more
    Chris Johnson
  • Great speedy service! Mark ****** made the process of purchasing medical insurance very simple.
    read more
  • Mark is always responsive and helpful. After much research on options for the self-employed have found his offerings to be competitive for quality healthcare.
    read more
    Anne Healy
  • Richard was extremely knowledgeable and responsive during the entire process.
    read more
    Stephen King
  • Richard has been so helpful and always responds to my inquiries the same day.
    read more
    Jodi Park DePorter

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