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Top Risks of Missing Open Enrollment

Top Risks of Missing Open Enrollment
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Texas is in the middle of open enrollment for healthcare. The current enrollment window for marketplace and off-marketplace health insurance is open until December 15, so now is the time to shop for insurance and ensure that your family’s health is properly insured.

Waiting too long can leave you uninsured and constantly walking on eggshells when it comes to your health. There are several consequences to missing the open enrollment window. We delve into the biggest risks of letting open enrollment pass you by without registering for Texas health insurance that meets your needs.

You Could Be Out of Luck, Come January 1st

Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Programs are the only types of insurance that don’t operate under open enrollment restrictions. If you don’t qualify for either of these insurance plans and miss the enrollment window, you could find you and your family uninsured when the new year rings in.

Change Capabilities May Close Off

If you are an employer who manages the health plans of your employees, or someone who maintains your family’s shared health insurance, the enrollment window is crucial. This is the time to make any essential changes to plans that should take effect in 2021. Failure to meet the deadline could leave you with an unchanged health plan that can’t be fixed until the next open enrollment window.

Healthcare Costs Could Increase

If you are under a health plan that you already feel is expensive, now is the time to make changes instead of trying to forge ahead alone. Going into the new year without healthcare coverage is risky business. Should any health needs arise, you’ll be footing the entire bill if you aren’t covered under a health plan.

Prescription Drugs May No Longer Be Covered

Prescription drugs are essential to many people in Texas. Most people take prescription medicine rates for granted because they are immensely curbed under their current healthcare plans.

Much like the increased rate of an uncovered medical visit, the cost of prescriptions will skyrocket due to the need for out of pocket payment. Prescription medications alone can set a person back hundreds or thousands of dollars a month alone. This is cash that could have easily been saved with affirmative action during the open enrollment window.

You Could Be Subject to a Tax

Finally, even though there isn’t currently a tax for being uninsured under the Affordable Care Act, election outcomes can easily change this situation. Based on the election of our next President, uninsured citizens could be forced to pay a healthcare tax that creates an unnecessary financial burden every year.

Are There Other Options Besides ObamaCare?

If you don’t want a marketplace plan that essentially guarantees a higher premium on your healthcare, remember, there are plenty of off market insurance opportunities to take advantage of for healthcare coverage.

As Texas health insurance brokers we offer insurance connections that are affordable and meet your health care needs. From private health insurance in Texas to Medi-Share, we’ve got a solution for anyone who is willing to shop for insurance that works for them.

Broaden Your Healthcare Horizons With Custom Health Plans, Inc.

If you’re ready to experience healthcare coverage that is tailored for you, the insurance brokers of Custom Health Plans, Inc. are ready to help. Contact us today to get a free quote or to learn more about insurance coverage that doesn’t tie you down to the ACA marketplace.

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