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A Guide to the Most Popular Houston, Texas, Health Insurance Plans

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Healthcare is a modern luxury that comes at a consistent cost. Yet, it’s one of the largest industries in the world because we all need medical care at some point or another.

The average person with medical debt has approximately $2,400 that they owe. Medical debt leads to bankruptcy and financial struggle, which is why you need the best health insurance you can find. In Texas, there are plenty of options you can explore.

The tips below will assist you when looking into Houston, Texas, health insurance.

First, Consider Your Health Care Needs

When you’re ready to shop for insurance, start by considering your overall health needs. Examining your healthcare needs early allows you to find the best coverage.

Everyone’s healthcare needs are unique, so consider the following as you shop around:

Look at Your Age and Stage of Life

Your age will make a big difference as you shop for healthcare. Medical needs often increase or significantly change based on age and different stages in life.

For instance, women’s healthcare changes dramatically when they decide to start a family. This means ob/GYN visits turn into maternity visits, which lead to pediatric appointments. So it’s even more important to get your health insurance in order before you get pregnant and stock up on resources and information.

Men who reach their 40s will begin receiving required prostate screenings, which was never part of life in their earlier years. This requires a plan that pays for lab work and wellness screenings.

Each decade of life brings something new with medical care. Choose a healthcare plan that makes provisions for your current needs.

ssess Existing Medical Needs and Issues

Be discerning about your medical plan if you have any existing medical issues. As you consider your medical needs, you can expect to pay more for healthcare over the years.

Look for a healthcare plan that consistently covers your ongoing medical needs at a reasonable cost. Study your policy to know exactly what type of coverage you can expect.

Understand Weigh Prescription Costs

Regularly filling prescriptions can also drive your healthcare costs up significantly. This is because the insurance company pays a significant portion of most people’s medications when they have insurance.

Decide how frequently you typically get prescriptions filled so you can decide what level of coverage you need. Take inventory of your life and any medications that you take.

Many people today take anti-depressants or similar medications for their mental health. People with different types of heart disease also take pills regularly. Factor in the cost of your prescriptions as you search for the right plan.

Assess Whether or Not You Need Specialty Care

When choosing a healthcare plan, make sure also to consider any medical specialist visits that you go to regularly.

An allergist is a type of specialist many patients must regularly visit to keep their allergy symptoms under control. It’s common for people to get blood work done and examined by an allergist who can diagnose all the essential things they are allergic to.

This can inform everything from the type of soap and lotions you use for the foods you eat. Other specialists include:

  • Dermatologists
  • Cardiologists
  • Neurologists
  • Psychiatrists
  • Geneticists

These medical specialists are often billed differently, and their services aren’t automatically covered on every healthcare plan. So tailor your plan accordingly if you visit these professionals in the upcoming year.

Think About the Likelihood of an Overnight Stay

Examine your medical outlook for the coming year and consider whether you’ll likely spend a night or more in the hospital. Overnight stays can substantially increase your medical costs, which is why you’d need a healthcare policy to minimize these costs.

Healthcare companies have different categories of plans based on how often people anticipate needing medical care. Matching the frequency of your likely needs to the plan that can address those needs is half the battle.

Second, Consider Texas Health Insurance Options

Now that you have examined your healthcare needs decide what kinds of plans are available in your state. Since you’re in the Lone Star State, you’ll be pleased to know that there are several private plans available that will serve you no matter what city you’re in.

Whether you need health insurance in Dallas, Houston, Plano, Austin, Santa Fe, Lubbock, or anywhere else, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Here are some top options when you need Texas health insurance that meets your needs.

Individual Health Insurance Plans

Companies offer individual health insurance Texas plans for people who work and want to secure their own policy. These private individual health insurance plans cover the gamut of different medical issues.

It’s the plan you use to see your primary care provider, ob/GYN visits, physical therapy, and any other medical care covered under your health insurance plan. There are several different insurance options for people seeking individual plans, including:

  • Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) coverage
  • Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) coverage
  • Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO) coverage

Many people choose private 12-month PPO plans that fit their healthcare needs. In addition, companies sell options that are more affordable than what they’d get from group health insurance plans.

These savings are excellent for people on a fixed income or who want the most affordable option.

Family Health Insurance Plans

You might need family health insurance coverage if multiple people in your household will require coverage. This covers spouses and kids under one umbrella so that everyone doesn’t need to get an individual policy.

If you’re shopping for family health insurance plans in Texas, compare notes with your spouse and consider the needs of different children. You might end up with one plan covering the entire family. However, other couples find it more advantageous to keep two plans, with each of you putting different children on your plan based on their medical needs or cost advantages.

Familiarize yourself with the Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum system before shopping for a family plan. These metal categories separate policies by cost and obligation.

Bronze health insurance packages have the lowest premiums but cover just 60% of your healthcare costs. This means higher co-pays, deductibles, and out-of-pocket prices. On the other hand, silver plans cover 70% of healthcare costs and have moderately high co-pays, deductibles, and additional costs, be lower than the Bronze plans.

Gold plans cover 80% of healthcare costs, while Platinum plans cover 90%. Consider these sliding scales when you think about how frequently you go to the doctor and how many bills you accumulate. That will help you decide whether you value paying less now and more later or vice versa.

Short-Term Health Insurance Plans

There are also situations in which you find yourself without health coverage. For example, this often happens when a person decides to move and finds themselves between employment situations or medical insurance.

You can always pick up a stop-gap health insurance plan to take care of you in the short term. These plans are also available to people who missed the open enrollment period set forth by the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

A short-term health insurance policy is typically bare-bones coverage. But it’s still better than living life with no health insurance coverage.

Though it’s best to get a custom plan during the open enrollment, short-term health insurance plans still offer plenty of options today. So you can customize this plan to your liking and still get it at an affordable cost.

Small Business Health Insurance Plans

Keep in mind that businesses are still some of the biggest buyers of health insurance. As a result, you can look into small business health insurance plans that can strengthen your company.

In a world of options, new hires will appreciate working for a company that offers an impressive health insurance package. Small business plans will let you cover your employees so that you’re investing in their health and wellness.

Insurance companies provide options for every budget and business size. So, if you have employees looking for the best cheap health insurance Dallas offers, you can provide it in-house, so they don’t need to shop around.

Offering competitive health insurance can help your company snag the best candidates and thrive through the talent shortage.

Dental Health Insurance Plans

Texas healthcare providers also offer an impressive array of dental health insurance plans. This will help you keep your teeth at their best so you can stay free of cavities, gum disease, and other dental issues.

In Texas, you can get access to private dental insurance plans that will handle services like:

  • Annual and twice-a-year dental checkups
  • Professional teeth cleanings
  • Root canals and routine dental extractions
  • Cosmetic services like teeth whitening
  • Orthodontist services like braces and retainers

Dental insurance plans typically have lower premiums than you will pay for medical insurance policies. You can purchase them at the time of getting your health insurance.

Make sure that you look into every aspect of dentistry you need so that you can pay for it without an issue.

Also,o look into getting vision insurance if you need glasses, contact lenses, or other types of eye care. Having a visiting insurance policy can make these costs more manageable. These plans will significantly lower the price that you pay for your glasses or contact lenses.

They might also cover glaucoma tests, dilating your eyes for diagnostic exams, correcting astigmatism, or getting corrective laser eye surgery. Consider the vision insurance policy that can pay for these visits without an issue.

Health Savings Accounts (HSA)

Health Savings Accounts (HSA) offer an excellent opportunity to set money aside for your healthcare. So when you’ve searched for a Dallas, Houston, or Austin health insurance policy that doesn’t quite fit your needs, an HSA might give you the flexibility you’re looking for.

With an HSA, you can set aside your pre-tax dollars so your account can be used for all your medical needs. As a result, you will have plenty of cash on hand for any medical care and can pay for it without an issue.

It’s Time to Shop for the Best Insurance Plans

Take an all-encompassing look at your medical needs when shopping for health care. Then, consider your budget and finances, along with the cost of living in your area. This way, whether you’re looking for San Antonio health insurance or a Dallas policy, you’ll know you’re covered.

Assess your premiums and deductibles, and consider bundling and combining plans whenever necessary. Read through the prospectus agreement for any healthcare plan, and ensure you’re clear on the details.

When you combine all your plans and take the necessary steps, finding the best health insurance in Texas becomes easier. Do your best to sign up during open enrollment so that you can apply in enough time to get the ideal coverage.

Explore your options among the companies that provide the best health insurance in Houston, and you will be happy with the care you receive.

Providing Your Guide to Houston, Texas, Health Insurance

Houston, Texas, health insurance is widely available for people who need it. If you’re interested in getting coverage, leave no stone unturned and apply the tips above to get the right fit.

From there, you’re a few steps away from paying for your health insurance and medical needs in Texas.

Custom Health Plans, Inc. is happy to assist you with your insurance needs. To get a free quote, get in touch via our website or give us a call at (469)361-4032.

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