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Common Health Insurance Mistakes to Avoid During Open Enrollment

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Open enrollment for 2021 Texas health insurance ends on December 15th. Before then, you’ll want to have secured an excellent health insurance plan that covers all your current and potential medical needs.

While selecting a comprehensive Texas health insurance plan is a wise decision, not every choice made during open enrollment is the right one for you. People often make mistakes while trying to get insurance and it always costs them in the end. Making one of these common mistakes could result in a costly 2021 that doesn’t even have you completely covered.

Here are the top health insurance enrollment mistakes to avoid this open enrollment season.

Entering a Plan Without Knowledge of Health Insurance Terms

No, you don’t have to search for insurance with the knowledge of a local Texas health insurance agent, but since there is no cost to use a Broker and they know the landscape like the back of their hand, why not use a Broker to help you navigate this maze. Plus, it’s helpful to understand some of the most important terms of the industry.

Once you understand some of the basic terms of the trade, it becomes clear what you’re about to pay for and if it’s truly a health plan that you can afford or will work for you.

There are several government resources that cover terms like:

  • Premiums
  • Copayments
  • Deductibles
  • Out-of-Pocket Maximum.

We suggest doing research before making a decision in order to ensure that the choice you make is an informed one.

Jumping into a Plan for Low Premiums Alone

Low premiums look excellent on paper, but until you understand what it means for your health coverage, they are terms to generally avoid.

The monthly payments you pay to your health insurer are only a fraction of what your entire coverage would cost should medical attention be required. With lower premiums and no research behind your selection, you could end up paying larger copays or even worse, exorbitant deductibles.

Completely Missing Your Chances of Enrollment

Simply waiting until the last minute or missing the open enrollment window altogether means that your healthcare could be in jeopardy. Not only are affordable Texas health insurance plans closed off to you, but in the case that something does go wrong with your health, unless you apply for short-term health insurance in Texas, you’re going to be paying out-of-pocket for all of your medical expenses.

Not Working with a Qualified Insurance Broker

Your health is something that should always take priority, and that starts with selecting an appropriate health insurance plan. Unfortunately, healthcare is a tough road to navigate. A professional insurance broker can help you overcome all the hurdles involved with finding an affordable healthcare plan in texas . At Custom Health Plans, we take your pre-existing conditions, age, and more into account when we hunt down opportunities that are the best option for your health.

Secure Affordable Health Insurance Today, With Custom Health Plans, Inc!

If you know that you need health insurance but aren’t sure where to start or what exactly you need, Custom Health Plans, Inc. can help. We are a team of experienced Texas health insurance brokers who can guide you towards the right coverage at the right price.

Don’t miss out on open enrollment this year! Contact us today to schedule an appointment with an agent.

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