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The Value of Small Business Health Insurance in Texas

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small business texas health insuranceSmall businesses employ the majority of the Texas workforce and provide Texas health insurance benefits to thousands of state residents.  And as businesses look to gain an edge on their competition, a solid benefits package is a great way to attract and retain talented workers.

There are three main types of Texas health insurance plans: managed care, preferred provider and fee-for-service.  Each plan can offer good benefits to your employees and is likely an available option with most major health carriers.  Talk to your employees about their health needs, and whether they’ll require coverage for specific conditions or for family members.  Coverage options, costs and flexibility to choose preferred doctors and hospitals will help determine which plan is best.

When choosing a Texas health insurance carrier, select a company that receives positive feedback from customers and exhibits good customer service as you inquire about its plans.  A sound financial rating is also important.  Financial evaluations by third parties like A.M. Best can help you determine the ability of an insurer to fulfill its obligations to your company.  If overwhelmed by the search for the right insurance provider, consider using a Texas health insurance broker to help you navigate the maze of plans and options.

Once you’ve selected a health insurance provider and plan for your small business, educate your employees on ways to keep costs down.  Plans with higher deductibles and no copayments will generally boast lower premiums, but that means more out of pocket expenses for employees.  This is a great option for healthy workers that don’t require regular doctor visits and prescriptions.  Also, creating a health-conscious work environment is a terrific preventative measure.  If possible, provide healthy snacks and lunches, or offer incentives for joining a gym.  Healthy living can go a long way to reducing health care costs for individuals and, in turn, the company.

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