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Choosing The Right Texas Individual Health Insurance Options Explained

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While most Texas health insurance plans are issued by employers as part of an employee’s health benefits, many people choose to purchase insurance on their own.  Those who are self-employed, have jobs that don’t provide insurance or have lost their jobs often opt for individual Texas health insurance plans to guarantee they’re covered should medical needs arise.

When selecting an individual Texas health insurance plan, you can choose between indemnity, or fee-for-service plans, health maintenance organizations (HMOs), point-of-service (POS) plans, preferred provider organizations (PPOs), and even Texas health savings accounts (HSAs).  Run through the benefits, services and price structures for each type of health insurance plan to decide which plan best conforms to your health needs and budget.

One of the biggest advantages of purchasing individual Texas health insurance is that you have the freedom to pick and choose the benefits and services you want.  Whether it’s low monthly premiums paired with a high deductible, or higher monthly premiums matched with no deductibles or copays, you can customize individual plans to meet your needs and budget.  This is in contrast to group plans that offer broad coverage for a broad range of people, which can result in you paying for services you don’t want or need.

Another advantage to obtaining individual Texas health insurance is that it’s portable. Employer sponsored coverage ends when your job ends, but an individual plan goes with you, so regardless of job status, consumers can rest assured that they’re covered.

For personalized support in choosing the best individual Texas health insurance plan for you, try working with a Texas health insurance broker.  A broker can guide you through various plans and options as well as make suggestions that align with your medical background and health care needs.  And since health insurance rates are regulated, the rates obtained through a broker are the exact same as rates received directly from the insurance company.  Plus, because a broker’s fee is paid by the health insurance carrier, there’s no extra cost to you; and if you need some help along the way, you’ve got a local advocate to navigate the health insurance maze on your behalf.

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