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The 2019 Definitive Guide To Texas Health Insurance for Individuals and Families

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Table of Contents

How to Get Low-Cost Health Insurance in Texas

5 Things to Consider When Buying Texas Health Insurance

Buying Texas health insurance in 2019 can be a tricky process. From knowing which plan best accommodates your needs to navigating the maze of costs and carriers, it’s a hurdle many Texans are facing as the lagging economy means fewer people are enjoying employer-subsidized health benefits.

Before starting your search, it’s helpful to know what to look for so you can feel empowered to make an informed decision that benefits both you and your wallet.

  1. Options – No two buyers of health insurance are exactly the same, so broad, blanket coverage won’t be a good fit for the majority of people. Look for Texas health insurance options that include health plans for individuals and families, students, small businesses and the self-employed to ensure you can receive the right coverage for you.
  2. Customization by need – Some buyers of private health insurance plans, especially those needing frequent doctor visits and prescriptions, willingly pay large monthly premiums in order to benefit from small deductibles and co-pays. Others needing less frequent doctor visits and prescriptions might prefer small monthly premiums with larger deductibles to cover major medical emergencies. While others, like recent graduates or those between jobs, might be interested in a Texas short term health insurance plan. When looking for the best health insurance in Texas, make sure you can customize a plan to best fit your needs, and remember that the cheapest premium isn’t necessarily the best option.
  3. Coverage and benefits – An important factor to consider when buying individual health insurance plans is the type of benefits offered. Examples to look for include policies regarding maternity benefits, immunizations, annual checkups, preventative/wellness benefits and emergency room care, and whether vision and dental insurance is included or covered under a separate policy.
  4. Ability to compare plans and costs – Whether you’re interested in a PPO, HMO or Health Savings Account, the ability to compare plans and prices side by side from a variety of carriers is a great way to ensure you’re receiving the best plan at the best price.
  5. Personal guidance – When making an important decision regarding your health insurance, speaking with a qualified expert, like a licensed Texas health insurance broker, can be very helpful. An experienced broker can help you choose the best plan, according to your specific preferences and budget, from a top-rated carrier. And you should be able to ask questions about your Texas health insurance options before you purchase a policy. If an insurance carrier or broker won’t take the time to answer your questions or explain policy nuances now, don’t expect their customer service to improve after you give them your money.

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