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Tips for Affordable Health Insurance

Tips for Affordable Health Insurance checklist
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Some tips on finding affordable health insurance from Arya Srinivasan of Vimo.com.

1. Save time with side-by-side comparisons of free quotes online

Use a website that streamlines your search for affordable health insurance by offering quotes from five to seven different carriers instantly, in one place, for free. These are the same quotes one would get directly from the insurance carrier, but this website saves time and gives a broader view of services available, in addition to providing consumers with expert guidance.

2. Make sure your agent explains the components and pitfalls of each plan

Health insurance is complex enough as it is, so a good agent should disclose key benefits of every plan, including but not limited to: office visits, wellness, prescriptions, deductible, coinsurance and out-of-pocket maximums.

3. If you’re in good health and your rates are going up, consider a switch

Do you know what your rates are next year? Like car insurance or credit cards, health insurance plans sometimes offer lower initial rates and raise their premiums every year, thereafter. If your premiums are increasing, contact a licensed insurance agent to get free health insurance quotes, and possibly find a cheaper plan.

4. Don’t keep paying for benefits you don’t use!

Make sure you understand your plan’s fine print, because services such as unlimited doctor visits and maternity care are often built into plans, increasing your premiums. If you’re not using these, consider switching to a cheaper plan, tailored to your needs.

5. Consider a Health Savings Account and a High Deductible Health Plan

An HSA gives you, the consumer, an economic incentive to manage your own health care expenses by combining a tax-free savings account for medical expenses with an HDHP that meets requirements for deductibles and maximum out of pocket limits. Check out this blog post for more information.

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