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Top 10 Reasons to Use a Texas Health Insurance Broker

Working with a Health Insurance Broker
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In the day and age of DIY and YouTube videos showing us how to cut out the middle man, a health insurance broker is still absolutely vital.

A Texas health insurance broker can save you time and money on what could be a huge financial and wellness decision.

And here’s the #1 reason why:

Unlike a navigator at Healthcare.gov or a carrier-bound agent, a health insurance broker works first and foremost for YOU.

Being independent of any other outside influences frees a broker to make sure the plans you select are the best fit for your health and financial situation – end of story.

The full story:

The Top 10 Reasons to Use a Texas Health Insurance Broker

  1. A broker knows the market and available options better than any navigator ever will.

    Navigating The MazeA health insurance broker will be able to find the plans that have the networks you need, and isn’t tied to one specific carrier or even ACA-compliant plans to do it.

    The net result is you saving money and keeping your doctor(s), or gaining access to the doctors/specialists you need or prefer.

    It’s a win/win for both of you!

  2. Unlike a health insurance agent working for a carrier, a health insurance broker isn’t tied down to only offer plans from a single carrier.

    It bears repeating – while both an agent and a broker know the market and are licensed to make sure you get the best bang for the buck, a broker isn’t tied in with a contract with a carrier to only offer plans from one place.

    This is huge.  With so many carriers dropping network coverage like it’s a bad penny stock, it’s imperative to have as many options available as possible to ensure you can find the best fit.

    Only a health insurance broker has this kind of flexibility.

  3. A health insurance broker is able to advocate for you directly with the carriers if/when you do need to file a claim.

    Having a liaison – a person to speak on your behalf – is incredibly helpful when dealing with any insurance carrier.  A health insurance broker has a vested interest in making sure you get what you are paying for, and will be able to speak on your behalf with the insurance carriers.

    Exploring optionsThis makes your life infinitely easier when you do have to deal with them – odds are you haven’t ever had to jump through the unique hoops of X, Y, or Z carrier, but your broker has, and is experienced in doing so as efficiently as possible.

    As the old saying goes, time is money, and not having to waste hours or days of your life and livelihood completing forms and being transferred around a system you know nothing about will save you both.

  4. There is no cost for the service of a Texas health insurance broker!

    Let me repeat that – working with a health insurance broker costs you nothing!

    A health insurance broker receives commission from the insurance carrier – like a health insurance agent – but unlike an agent, works for you!

    As confusing as health insurance has become with all the changes brought on by Obamacare (the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act), why would you ever want to try to navigate the maze by yourself when you can have a trained a licensed professional walk you through the process at no cost, quickly and efficiently?

  5. A health insurance broker isn’t limited to just one carrier or to just ACA plans.

    Another point that earns it’s own top 10 spot – each person’s or family’s situation is unique, so being flexible is super important.  A Texas health insurance broker will have access to and knowledge of options that might save you money in the long-term, even after a possible non-ACA plan tax penalty is figured in!

    Remember, a lot of the best networks (those rich nationwide PPO networks that doctors and hospitals still accept!) are only available now on short term policies.

    And only a health insurance broker will be able to find one of these for you – quickly and efficiently – and lay out all the options to see what will save you the most money AND hassle by comparing both price and coverage.

    Explore Your Options – Contact A Texas Health Insurance Broker TODAY!

  6. Health insurance brokers have a vested interest in your satisfaction as a customer.

    A health insurance broker will go out of their way to keep you happy as a customer and consumer, for several reasons:

    • Happy CustomerBecause they don’t work for a carrier, but with carriers, their customer service reflects directly on them.  Therefore it’s in their best interest to ensure you’re getting top-notch service every single time.
    • If you’re a happy customer, you’re more likely to work with the same broker – meaning repeat business and commission for the broker.
    • Happy customers who had an exceptional experience with a Texas health insurance broker will tell their friends and family, maybe Bob at the snack machine at work too.  Referrals and positive reviews not only help everyone’s wallet, they also serve to establish the broker as their own brand.

    And nothing sends a stronger contentment signal than a repeat customer.

  7. Health insurance brokers have no limitations on what they can and cannot show a customer.

    Remember earlier when we mentioned a broker can show you that rich nationwide PPO plan the big-name local carrier might not offer on the exchange – but the only catch was it was not an ACA-compliant plan?

    That’s what a broker can find for you.  And especially if you require any sort of specialist, having that PPO network is a necessity.  No gatekeeper to deal with means you’re getting the care you need, not what the carrier wants to pay.

    And only a health insurance broker can offer these plans to you – navigators on the exchanges can only show ACA plans, and health insurance agents are tied to what their respective carrier offers.  If neither of those offer PPO networks…best to stick to the broker who’ll get you the best bang for your buck!

  8. You’re working with a fully licensed professional, and not just a trained call center rep.

    Call in for help on Healthcare.gov and you’ll receive a person known as a navigator – someone who can help you through the process of enrolling in health insurance – but that’s it.

    You’re still tackling the hard parts on your own – they cannot suggest plans legally at all, and are not licensed insurance agents.  And while they may know the plans pretty well due to constant exposure…that’s no real substitute for understanding the fine details of every plan and plan type.

    A health insurance broker on the other hand is licensed and fully trained, with years of experience sorting through all parts of health insurance, meaning the broker will be able to pinpoint the best fit for you.

  9. The bigger picture time savings is immense with a broker.

    Several points went over how working with a health insurance broker in Texas can save time – not worrying about talking to the carrier, being able to pin down a good plan quickly, being able to have someone in your corner to talk with the carrier and your doctor/specialist/hospital – all of these smaller things add up to a massive time saver and a ton of added stress you no longer need to worry about.

    Saving Time and Money on Health Insurance by Working with a BrokerThat alone is a pretty sweet deal – stress is one of the number one causes of a LOT of medical conditions on its own.

    But how does it help your wallet, and not just your blood pressure?

    Think about what is involved in any given health emergency for a moment:

    It likely involves time out of work due to injury or illness, a trip or trips to the doctor or hospital, possibly a specialist being called in, and a small forest worth of paperwork at the doctor’s office.

    Now add in a few minutes to a few hours for every insurance request, every network check, every  gatekeeper question if there’s a gatekeeper – you get the idea.  You’re already either hurt or sick, and the last thing you want to deal with is a hassle at the hospital while you’re trying to get better.

    All of those little hassles add up, too – and likely when you’re already not in the best of spirits.  So why deal with them yourself?

    A health insurance broker takes a lot of the headache out of the equation, as they will know who to contact to get things done.  That gets you in faster, out faster, and getting back to work or life faster.

  10. You always know who your health insurance broker is.

    Call in for a navigator, and chances are you get a different person each time.  Work with health insurance agents with a carrier, and you’ll get whoever happens to be in that day.

    With a health insurance broker, however, you’re working with your health insurance broker.  Not a faceless corporation or a call-taker, a real-life human being with a family just like me and you, who will most likely remember you by name and the conversion you had about the cookout you had last week.

    The personal and personalized touch in customer service is impossible to replace, and only with a broker will you receive that kind of service.

See How A Health Insurance Broker Can Save You Money!

The health insurance market has become even more of a confusing spider’s web of restrictions and regulations.  Save yourself the hassle and headache of going at it alone.

As a Texas health insurance broker I can make the process a lot easier, and most likely save you a lot of money in the process while making sure you get the coverage you need for yourself and your loved ones.  Call today at (469) 361-4032 to explore your options and save yourself some time and money!

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