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As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to rage globally, it is difficult to tell which insurance plan is the most fitting for you and your family in Texas. A lot of people and businesses have been affected and many more will still be affected.

If you have a Texas health insurance Plan, it is necessary to dig deep to see what is covered and what is not especially with COVID-19 in the equation. Even with a lot of on-going support from the Federal Government, it is important to inspect your current policy closer. Most Insurance companies have waived the co-pays and Diagnostics, however several Insurance companies have not.

As it stands, if you are looking to get insurance coverage, you might consider looking at a short-term health insurance plan. Oftentimes, it is almost impossible to navigate the maze of all the different plans and options. Most people are confused about the exact insurance to consider. In our experience with unexpected global developments like COVID-19, short term health insurance plans are a viable option and here is why.

In this post, we will discuss everything you need to know before picking a top-rated short-term health insurance plan in Texas 2020. If you are wondering why Texas, here are some reasons why:

  • Texas has millions of uninsured people compared to other states in the U.S.
  • Texas has the highest number of uninsured individuals in the country.
  • Texas has the 3rd highest number of uninsured children

With these kinds of statistics, the need to consider short-term health insurance is an important one.

1.) Large insurance coverage figures

In Texas, The Carriers that have the best coverage are United Health Care (Golden Rule) and National General (Aetna). The Maximum Benefit for United is 2 million per person and 1 million for National General. Both plans have many deductible options and many customizable plans to choose from. A Local Health Insurance Broker Like Custom Health Plans can help you Navigate to the best plans and options. There are some trade off’s with Short Term Health insurance. In order to qualify you would need to be able to answer no to 8 medical questions. So, if you are relatively healthy and have no major ongoing chronic medical conditions then a ST plan may be a good option. Short term Health plans are not ACA compliant, so they do not have to comply with Obamacare and include all the mandates that Obama Care requires you to cover. Hence the reason these plans are less than half the cost because they are not boated up with all the mandatory mandates. They give you exactly what you need, a pure major medical plan and catastrophic coverage without all the bells and whistles that Obama care requires you to have.

2.) Less costs compared to other alternatives

Short term health insurance in Texas usually costs less than Half of other options of the Marketplace or Obamacare. The average cost of a family of 4 in the marketplace is around $2400.00 a month for a middle of the road Silver Market place HMO plan. Many Texas families are unable to afford these high premiums and, in many cases, go without any coverage. Unfortunately, health insurance coverage is not something one can do without it and in the event of an unexpected medical or Catastrophic loss, it can wipe most families out or worst yet lose their home or business and file for bankruptcy.

3.) Quick 24-hour coverage activation

Short term health insurance in Texas provides users with fast insurance coverage approval within hours of application. Most plans are approved within 24 hours. So, you can apply today and get next day coverage. This means that unlike the Affordable Care Act plan (ACA) you can apply for a Short-term plan 12 months out of the year and not be restricted to the Open enrollment period which is a small window to apply for coverage.

People who for some reason are not employed or have lost coverage through their employer or just going through a job change can also benefit on the flexibility of short-term health insurance. If you retired early and ineligible for Medicare, short term health insurance is also a top-rated option.

4.) Rates are fixed regardless of future outcome

Rates can be fixed for short term health insurance which means any changes in the marketplace will not affect you negatively. Whatever rate you had when your health insurance was approved remains the same until you short term health insurance plan expires. Short term Health insurance plans in Texas are no longer Short term. You can lock rates and coverage for as low as 30 days, 6 months, 12 months, 24 months and up to 36 months of continuous coverage.

In addition, the fact that your rate is fixed for the duration of the insurance plan means you can plan with it to fit your budget for the future.

5.) Flexibility of choosing medical personnel

Regular ACA health plans are often limited by the choice of preferred doctors available in the network. However, with a short health insurance plan, you can become part of a Nationwide PPO network rather than an HMO network. In this case, you do not get to be limited by the restrictive nature of the ACA network of medical care professionals.

The flexibility of short-term health insurance plans makes it a better option for choosing medical personnel rather than going with who the ACA network provides which is usually an HMO with Gatekeepers.

6.) Discount offers available for leverage

Typically, short term health insurance in Texas is made to be easily accessible by being affordable to everyone who needs it. If you are looking to secure one, it is advisable to Look for health insurance providers that offer discounts on short term health plans. For instance, Both United Health Care and National General offer a 25% discount for pre-paying the premium up front. And in most cases, you can put the entire premium on a credit card and grab the airline miles or reward points.

7.) Protection from Unanticipated health challenges that may come up

Short term health insurance like most insurance plans offers all-year protection for individuals using it. This can save you from costly hospital bills and treatment expenses that can come up unexpectedly at any time. When you have a short-term health insurance plan in place, you can rest assured in the knowledge that you have health coverage from challenges that might rise.

As it is, if you are looking to go for a top-rated and trusted short-term health insurance plan in Texas, there are a lot of good reasons to consider it. They are affordable, easily accessible, convenient, and more people-friendly than any other alternative in the marketplace.

If you lack health insurance or need to fill a gap, then we encourage you to consider short-term health insurance especially in these times of the Coronavirus pandemic. Do not hesitate to contact us right away for more information on how to get you started!

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