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UnitedHealthcare Pulling Out Texas Exchange Plans Completely

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UnitedHealthcare Life Insurance Company announced May 31st that the carrier will not offer On or Off exchange ACA plans for 2017, in the majority of the states.

Per one email, as reported by Times Record News, “These changes reflect our long-standing goal to offer consumers products that are both affordable and financially sustainable.”

The majority of the 2016 ACA policyholders will retain coverage until 12/31/2016 – this change only affects individual and family plans, not health plans for group insurance.

In Texas, UnitedHealthcare in the majority of the counties allowed consumers to keep their current doctors and specialists – BlueCross BlueShield of Texas dropped their PPO plans last year, instead only offering HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) plans for the 2016 insurance season. This leaves thousands of Texas families little in the way of ACA plans choices for 2017 Open Enrollment and no option for a PPO network.

BlueCross BlueShield of TX Requesting Nearly 60% Rate IncreaseBlueCross BlueShield Requests Near 60% Rate Increase

The remaining option for ACA compliant plans isn’t much better – on June 1st, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas requested approval for rate increases by as much as 59% for 2017 Open Enrollment, citing “anticipated health risk of the people in any market” as the driving factor in the rate changes, per a statement from BCBS of TX (reported here).

All across the country, insurance companies have stated the changes to the healthcare law, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, have caused massive fiscal losses, as the legislation forbids denying insurance due to pre-existing conditions. This in turn means the cost to insure many people has far exceeded expectations, resulting in cost overflows – that ultimately are picked up and paid for by the public in the form of higher premiums, narrower networks, and lower coverage.

There Are Still PPO Options Available In Texas

Despite substantial rate increases across the board from carriers, and carriers now dropping their PPO plans Off and On exchange, there are still options that can leverage the rich, nationwide PPO networks. You can still keep your doctor(s) and specialist(s) – here’s how:

Explore Your Options – View Our PPO Plans NOW!

A short term policy isn’t bound by the same restrictions as an ACA compliant plan, and as such can be 2 to 3 TIMES less expensive than an Obamacare plan. Furthermore, since you aren’t subsidizing the entire system, you’re only paying for what you want and need.

Often times, you end up ahead of the curve with a short term plan, even after paying a tax penalty at the end of the year.

With so much at stake and a PPO plan being so important to your well-being, it is a viable alternative to many. For more information or details, feel free to call 469-361-4032 and consult with an expert – an experienced Texas health insurance broker will be happy to walk you through your available options.

Remember – it’s free to work with a health insurance broker.  Texas health insurance brokers are paid directly by the insurance companies, so there is no fee to work with one.

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