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Who Could Benefit From Temporary Health Insurance in Texas?

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Life changes happen, and when they do, it’s important that your insurance options keep up. It’s exciting when Junior gets his first apartment, but not so exciting when he falls off a parent’s health insurance plan. At the other end of the age scale, some older people retire before they’re eligible for federal health insurance. For those instances, and for many in-between, Short Term Health insurance is a great option for temporary health insurance in Texas.

In what situations can temporary health insurance in Texas help?

Under federal law, most parents can’t include children over 26 on their group health insurance plans. Typically, if you’re 25 and don’t have another option, you should at least shop for temporary health insurance in Texas so you don’t have to scramble for coverage at the last minute.

Older people are on the other end of the spectrum. In most cases, Medicare eligibility begins at age 65. Once again, it’s much better to be proactive about your health insurance than to do nothing and hope for the best.

Temporary unemployment is usually a big issue. Most people change jobs frequently. The gap between such jobs could be a few weeks or a few months. Underemployed people, like persons with part-time gigs who are waiting for full-time jobs with benefits, may also need short-term health insurance as well. In Texas, temporary health insurance plans are initially available for up to twelve months. Policyholders can renew these plans as needed and maintain coverage for up to thirty-six months.

Benefits of Temporary Health Insurance

While health insurance is an expense, not having health insurance is much more expensive. One night in a hospital could cost over $10,000, and falls, car crashes, and other such injuries could happen to anyone at any time.

So beyond just providing coverage, health insurance also means peace of mind. That’s something that no one can put a price tag on. We already have more than enough things to worry about in life. Additionally, buying insurance is what responsible people do. Demonstrating such responsibility makes a difference to potential employers, lenders, family members, and most importantly, yourself.

Finding the Right Plan

Selecting any insurance plan, including a temporary health insurance plan, usually comes down to cost and coverage.

As for cost, most temporary health insurance plans and other insurance plans are high-low plans. They feature high premiums and low deductibles, or the opposite is true. Other out-of-pocket insurance costs include copays and fees.

Sometimes, the three Cs of health insurance overlap. That’s certainly the case regarding convenience and cost. If you do not take full advantage of the plan, it’s a waste of money, regardless of the actual cost.

Coverage is especially important regarding temporary health plans. By law, these plans don’t cover pre-existing conditions, including pregnancy. Additionally, all plans have certain exclusions. Pay close attention to the fine print.

The professionals at Custom Health Plans are ready, willing, and able to connect you with the ideal temporary health plan for your needs. We have a 90 percent success ratio in this area. Contact us today for more information.

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