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Why Choose an Individual Texas Health Insurance Plan Over Your Employer’s Plan?

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individual texas health insurance plansTraditionally, Texans have obtained health insurance through their employers.  But these days, with health care costs continuing to rise, fewer employers are offering health insurance benefits.  Couple that with the high rate of unemployment, and more and more people are forced to obtain individual Texas health insurance plans through private health Insurance companies.

But in addition to those who are forced to find alternative health insurance, many people are simply choosing individual health insurance plans rather than enlisting in their employer-sponsored plans.  Here’s why:

Customization  &  Cost

Group health insurance offers a broad range of benefits intended to cover a wide variety of people. And to keep from discriminating against those with pre-existing conditions, the health insurance company providing the group benefits covers all employees, regardless of their health.  This creates extra costs for all employees, whether they need extensive care or not.  Because of this, group plans can be unnecessarily expensive for healthy individuals.

If you are a healthy individual on a group health insurance plan, you may be overpaying for health insurance and getting less desirable benefits. Consider opting for an individual Texas health insurance plan instead – one that’s customized so you only pay for the benefits you need and want.  You can receive free health insurance quotes from brokers like Custom Health Plans, who guide you through the process of setting up your new plan.  Their fee is paid by the Carrier you choose, so this service for all intensive purposes is free to you so why not utilize it.


With the fluctuation in the job market, group health benefits can be very inconsistent.  Being laid off leaves you without the benefits that you and your family need, and even changing jobs can render you uncovered for a period of time.  To combat this, many people choose individual health insurance plans, even if their employer offers benefits.  This way, consumers can rest assured that their family will be covered despite any changes in their employment status.  You own it once you are approved.  It is usually a 12 month or 24 month guaranteed renewable policy, which means your plan cannot be canceled for any reason, other than nonpayment. Not even if you get cancer or diabetes.

Because money is tight, jobs remain uncertain and health care costs continue to increase, people everywhere are turning to individual Texas health insurance plans for customized , affordable and portable health coverage.

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