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What are the Individual Health Insurance Advantages?

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In the past, many people were able to rely on their employers to provide them with health insurance that helped cover their individual or family medical needs. Unfortunately, times have changed, and many businesses that once offered competitive healthcare coverage either cannot do so or offer insurance at extremely high rates.

The feeling of being stuck between no health insurance and having to watch thousands of dollars a month go towards a plan that barely meets your needs is never something you should have to face.

Thankfully, there is an option for individual health insurance in Texas that can be found off of the marketplace and at rates you can easily settle through monthly payments. With Custom Health Plans, Inc. our insurance brokers can help you find an individual insurance plan that is both affordable and reliable when medical needs arise.

What Are the Benefits of Relying on Your Own Insurance?

Individual health plans open the doors to “insurance freedom.” What do we mean by that? Here’s a look at some of the key benefits to seeking an individual health insurance plan and why so many people take advantage of this option during open enrollment.

  1. Switch Jobs Without Worry

    If your employer can provide you with group insurance, then staying at your job is essential to keeping yourself insured. Over time, your feelings towards the job may change, insurance rates may rise, or you could end up losing your position.

    Any of these circumstances could influence your personal budget and coverage, should you change employment for personal reasons. Individual coverage takes the stress out of the equation and grants you the freedom to make your own decisions without the shadow of insurance loss looming over your employment status.

  2. Open the Opportunities for Preferred Coverage

    Under a group health insurance plan, you have to visit providers and hospitals that are specifically covered under that plan. This can be inconvenient if you already have specialists and physicians in your life who, for some reason, do not fall under your employee health plan’s policy.

    With individual health insurance, a broker can help you stay in control of your health care. We have the relationships and knowledge of the insurance landscape to customize your plan and ensure that you can keep the physicians you know and trust under your new policy.

  3. You oversee Open Enrollment Changes

    Open enrollment is the time for you to make changes to your health care plans. Under an employer-sponsored health insurance plan, you don’t have the choice of how much you pay, health plan renewals, or other essential options. All you can do is go with the flow.

    An individual health insurance policy puts you in the pilot’s seat during open enrollment and lets you make the essential decisions regarding your health care:

    • Have you had some life changes that require a shift in policies? (I.e. New kids, divorce, etc.)
    • Do you simply want a new insurance policy because your old one is making changes that don’t suit your needs?

    Regardless of the reasons behind your desire to make open enrollment changes, the easiest way to do so is through having an individual plan. The best part is, getting started is as easy as the click of a mouse.

Take Advantage of Open Enrollment with Custom Health Plans, Inc.

The window for open enrollment is quickly closing, so now is the time to act if you want individual coverage for 2021. The expert brokers at Custom Health Plans, Inc. can help you and your family find an insurance plan that meets your needs and leaves you feeling confident in the decision you’ve made in planning for a healthcare emergency.

We are ready to show you options beyond high deductible marketplace plans. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our agents and start the process of building your custom health plan.

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